FERI-TRI  supports the view that in modern societies companies can be very effective agents toward the solution of problems and as such it tries to utilize the business skills and resources it has in a way that  these improve the quality of life of everyone involved in its operations but also of the rest of the society. Thus, corporate social responsibility of FERI-TRI involves:

  • its clients,
  • its employees,
  • the entire community.

With regard to its customers, FERI-TRI ensures that  they are offered products and services of thebest quality and at the best possible price,  appropriate to their specific and clearly defined needs and demands.

FERI -TRI takes care of its employees in a variety of ways, starting with the fulfillment of its legal obligations and extending further to a concern for their convenience and welfare. In this context, there is an ongoing effort to ensure health and safety in the workplace, staff retention and avoidance of redundancies, as well as an effort aimed at the personal growth and career development of its employees,  the fairness of their rewards, the specification of their time commitment at work, the assurance of their continued employment, and the safeguarding of their personal time.

The company seeks what is best for the environment, and for a quality life and so seeks  to do away with waste that burdens the planet.

 Consequently, our company complies, to say the least, with all legal requirements concerning its activities, and aims to be constantly informed on issues of this sort and to fully  abide by EU and Hellenic Republic regulations, regarding both chemical products and the economy, employment, transport, the environment and  so on .

 Moreover, we constantly try to anticipate and respond to the economic and environmental problems of the society as well as to participate in conferences, workshops and organizations aiming toward the protection of the environment, green chemistry and sustainable development.