FERI-TRI considers health and safety  as technical and scientific problems of high importance. In this light, the company aims always to be informed about the latest developments in the sector, in order to  apply them and tend them, both within and outside  our facilities.

Our company takes a series of steps to ensure and promote health and safety at its facilities.

  • We enforce security measures, regulations and maintain related provisions.
  • We inform the staff of the company about the rules, measures and procedures to be followed during the production, as well as about the use and handling of chemical substances.
  • We maintain specialized safety documents (Material Safety Data Sheets-MSDS) on company products and goods, at the disposal of company personnel and any interested party.   
  • We inform workers about the dangers of each task, about disease prevention, dangerous substances and about emergency responses.   
  • We use all necessary protective equipment (uniforms, gloves, shoes, masks, helmets, goggles, etc.)
  • We place prohibition signs and warning signs in conspicuous  spots throughout the workplace and assign  specified, proper labeling on all packaging of chemical products
  • We review evaluations which are conducted to  identify risk and plan for  counter-actions, in order to eliminate or reduce risk  by selecting preventative and protective measures 
  • We improve working conditions and safety through the daily  supervising and work done by the certified Safety Technician of FERI-TRI

FERI-TRI seeks on a daily basis to promote security beyond our facilities, during the transportation of our goods and merchandise.

  • We follow all the regulations set out in the European Agreement for the International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR) and the regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the  European Parliamentand the Council for the registration, evaluation,  authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH), which defines the procedures for the free movement of chemical products.
  • We employ only tanker-truck drivers certified by ADR
  • We own, vehicles properly certified by ADR, and suitable for the transportation of our goods and products  
  • We employ a certified Safe Transportation Consultant on a daily basis to constantly monitor compliance with the requirements governing the transportation of dangerous goods,  to verify that the transportation documents and safety equipment which must accompany the goods being transported are present in the vehicles, to check the compliance of such documents and equipment with the  correspondingregulations and to provide relevant counsel to company employees .
  • We insure the company vehicles through a special liability insurance policy for  all cases of failure during transportation. 

For the  best implementation and organization of all procedures concerning health and safety, we adhere to the OHSAS 18001 standard.