In October 1987 the cooperation between the Greek chemical engineer Dimitrios Aslanidis and the Swiss chemical engineer Dr Anton Aregger created the company "FERI-TRI S.A."  in the industrial area of Thessaloniki, Sindos. The company's purpose was the manufacturing and marketing of chemical products used for the production of drinking and industrial water, the treatment of industrial waste water and gray water and the cooperation with companies pursuing similar or related purposes.

The primary objective of the company's activity was the production of ferric chloride sulphate (FeClSO4), and then expansion of production to more chemical products - flocculant solutions based on iron (Fe). Today, the company, apart from an almost complete array of iron products, it produces a wide range of solutions of other chemicals ready for use in water treatment, in waste water, and sewage and in addition it offers a large variety of chemical products in solid form for similar uses.

FERI-TRI' s products and goods are always offered at competitive prices and are certified for quality,a result of the company’s extensive experience, high specialization and knowledge.

In 2002 FERI-TRI absorbed "ASPA-CHEMICALS S.A." and assumed the additional activity of trading water-treatment facility-equipment (mainly highly specialized pumps) as well as the offering of services directly related to the applications of the products produced and marketed by the company.

In this framework since 2009, FERI-TRI has offered an innovative service, the reception and reuse of liquid waste waters derived from the chemical treatment of steel surfaces. Through this service FERI-TRI contributes to the protection of the environment and to the economy of those enterprises which must deal with this type of hazardous waste.

The increased demand for the products and services of FERI-TRI led its managers to the decision of expanding the facilities to southern Greece in order to reduce the transportation cost for its customers who are operating in the Attica region, in mainland Greece, the Peloponnese, the Aegean islands and Crete. Upon this decision the branch of FERI-TRI in Thiva, 80 km away from the capital city of Athens, started its operation in 2011 and year by year it has been expanding its activities.