FERI - TRI has a deep respect for the environment and, consequently, we aim, at the outset, toward its protection, our care demonstrated directly by  our products and services.

The production process followed can be characterized as "almost completely safe" and especially environmentally friendly, not to mention that our manufactured products and goods are predominantly used for the treatment, clarification and disinfection of water, the relief of the negative charge and the reuse of municipal wastewater for irrigation and similar purposes, the enrichment of the soil with essential minerals and the reduction of chemical data hazardous to public health to limits that are acceptable and safe for the human body. 

The company carefully follows a program for the recycling, reuse and recovery of all the types of goods used in the production process and the provision of its services.

  • Our company from 16/08/2010 in co-operation with the Directorate of Technical & Environmental Services (recycling office) of the Municipality of Echedoros contributes to the recycling of paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, etc. under the recycling code number 1084.
  • Our company recycles office supplies and office machine paraphernalia as well as the packaging materials (tanks, sacks, pallets) of our products and goods when they become obsolete. 
  • The professional staff of our company fix the damaged packaging materials and follow a fixed schedule for the maintenance of our facilities.
  • We utilize and recycle wastewater not only from our production but also from the galvanization production.  
  • We care for our facilities, thus we clean the entire staff area and tidy both internal and external locations on a daily basis, we plant trees in all the surroundings of the facilities and maintain a small flower and vegetable garden.

For the best implementation and organization of all procedures concerning Quality and Environment, we adhere to the  ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards